Review System

Book Reviews

I am an avid reader and enjoy reading books and sharing my thoughts on them.  If you would like me to consider you for a request, please contact me via the contact page.  I will consider review requests in the genres below, but in order to ensure that I can give all my reviews the time and attention they deserve I reserve the right to refuse a request.

I enjoy reading many genre of book, but my favorite include: mystery/thriller and historical fiction.  Others I enjoy are: contemporary fiction, literary fiction, chick-lit, true crime, and fantasy.  I may consider others on a case by case basis.

My reviews are always honest and my own.

Book Ratings

5 Stars: Excellent read!

4.5 Stars: Almost there! Just missing a little something.

4 stars: Great read.  Highly engaging.

3.5 Stars: Above average read.  Held my attention.

3 stars: Good read, average read.

2 stars: Book was not for me.

Any book over 3.5 stars would receive a recommendation from me!